Tuesday, 31 March 2009

South Perth Carnivale

Wow, what a finish to the Fiesta. Sunday was magnificent. Fifteen thousand people, stalls, dancers, hot rod cars, food, jewellery, food, art works and food. A fun day from the same crew that put together Australia Day in South Perth.

The day began with the Esther Foundation Fun Run, featured so many people having fun and a good crowd around the South Perth Vision stand, where everyone got to have their say about how the City could look and feel in 2030.

At sunset the Mayor and local residents opened the new community stairs at Salter Point. Built between Lyndon Lewis, a local resident, and the Council, the steps provide safe access to the beautiful shoreline walk on the Canning River. What a community we live in!

IMG_1843 The stairs are now known as Lyndon's Ladder. I will be using them on my next walk. See you there.

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